Community Helpers is our theme this month! We will be discussing the many occupations and services that make our community function. We are so fortunate to have the greatest families and a fantastic line up to enrich our students awareness in this area.

Some of our guests this month are Dr. Amanda Mooneyham, Dr. Jon Dinius, Emily Vice & Brittany Phillips ultrasound techs, Kristen Gohn Deputy DA, Mahala Woodward Deputy Probation Officer, Katlin and Cassie from Sensory Innovations, Jesse Rogers CHP, Hunter Woodward Police Officer, Mike Chawick garbage man, Matt Jesse teacher & coach, Chris Saunders with Fed Ex, Joe Zalesny Power Plant Engineer, Nate Hutt with Highway Specialty, Joshua Mooneyham Professional Engineer, Kristin Minugh with Lifestyle Redding Realty, Darrell Bible Vector Control Tech, Madison Bible Tobacco Program Coordinator, and Susan a Master Gardener!

Community Helpers / Mother's Day
4/29-5/3: Health Professionals. T
5/6-5/10: Police Officers / Firefighters. T
5/13-5/17: Librarians, Postal Workers. U
5/20-5/24: Shopkeepers, Officer workers, Construction. U
5/27-5/31; Vacation and travel. V
Concept: Left and right

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